Online Prescriptions and Treatments are Available Via a Prescription Online Doctor Service

Prescriptions are Available Online

Q. Doctor may write prescriptions for a variety of different ailments.
You have the option of having your prescription written on paper or having your drug shipped to your house. We will even submit your prescription to your nearest pharmacy online for even faster delivery.
• order a paper prescription to be sent to you • OR get your prescription drug sent to you anywhere you are in Australia (all medications provided by one of our Australian affiliate pharmacies) • OR choose our pharmacy concierge service, where we will give a prescription straight to your nearest pharmacy for same-day delivery. We’ll also call ahead to make sure your prescription is available.

What’s the easiest way to get started?

Find your prescription or illness, take the online assessment, and pick your favorite delivery form. Before the medication is delivered to you, you will normally need to have a short online consultation with one of our physicians.

How much does it cost to get prescriptions online?

Many of our programs are bulk-billed if you have a legitimate Medicare card during the Covid-19 pandemic. The consultation fee is $19.99 if you don’t have a Medicare card (and for those programs that aren’t available for bulk billing). If you’re ordering drugs for shipping, the cost of the medication is automatically applied to your cart.
Qoctor also offers the following common online doctor services:
• seek a repeat referral letter to see a doctor by receiving a medical certificate or a carer’s certificate

What you should do before using an online doctor service

Most of us are used to waiting in line for checkups, prescriptions, and medical credentials at our nearest doctor’s office. However, visiting an online doctor is becoming more popular. It’s simple and quick, and it will help you save time, resources, and prevent the spread of infection. People who are new to using an online doctor often have concerns about how the program operates. Here are some of the most often asked questions:

Prescription Online

Is an online doctor qualified in the same way as a traditional doctor is?

Yeah, both of the physicians on the Qoctor staff are board-certified and have ample expertise in both clinic and hospital medicine. They are AHPRA-registered, and you can see their identification information on every Qoctor prescription, medical card, or referral letter you get from us. With Qoctor, you can be assured that your service will only be provided by an Australian doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in Australia.

Would I need to see a physician?

It is dependent on the service that you need. Many of our online prescription services only ask you to answer a few questions on the website, but a video consultation might be needed in some cases. You’ll still need to talk with one of our doctors via video consultation for our medical certificate service.

Is it possible for an online doctor to make a correct diagnosis without a medical examination?

Yes, really. In most cases, a doctor may make a diagnosis by closely examining the patient’s medical records. They will decide to treat you based on this knowledge. In certain circumstances, however, a physical examination or another testing may be needed. If our online doctor decides that a physical examination and/or testing are needed in your case, they will urge you to see a doctor in person and refund your money.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about online prescriptions and drugs

How do I receive my prescription or drug through the online?

o Begin by filling out our online questionnaire for most repeat prescriptions. Start the quest here for contraceptives, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, jet lag, premature ejaculation, period deferment, and chlamydia care.
o A short video consultation with one of our professional doctors could be needed.
o Our Pharmacy Concierge Service will arrange delivering your prescription to your local pharmacy via fax/email as soon as possible, we’ll check their stock, and we’ll call you when it’s ready to be filled.
o Instead, you can get a paper prescription sent to an address or pharmacy of your choosing through Australia Post.
o Some drugs, such as the contraceptive pill, prescription for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, jet lag, delaying a cycle, premature ejaculation, genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, and chlamydia therapy, can be sent directly to you by post from our Australian affiliate pharmacy.

Is it necessary for me to talk with a doctor in order to get my medication online?

o Our questionnaires are carefully structured to ask you the same questions a doctor might ask you in person, and they will help us speed up your evaluation.
o You would almost certainly be expected to get a video consultation.
o This is for your wellbeing and to ensure that the drug you are taking is appropriate for you.

What is the cost of delivering my online prescriptions?

o Our Drug Concierge Service rate is less than regular delivery, at $8.99, which guarantees we can automatically mail your order electronically to the nearest pharmacy, meaning you can get the medicine in your hands within a few hours (Monday to Friday). We suggest this distribution alternative since postal delivery has been affected by Covid-19.

Is it possible to monitor my delivery?

o We ship through Australia Post, and you’ll get an email with a connection to track your package’s progress.

Do you deliver all prescriptions and medications?

o You may submit a paper prescription to be mailed to you.
o With some medications, such as the abortion pill, therapy for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, genital herpes, chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis, jet lag, hair loss, or to postpone a cycle, you can opt to have the real drug (tablets) mailed to you.
o Rather than have prescription shipped, you might want to try our Pharmacy Concierge Service, which is a simpler and less expensive alternative. We can electronically transfer prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy for less than regular shipping ($8.99), meaning you can get your prescription in your hands within a few hours (Monday to Friday)

Can you provide prescription/medication repeats?

Yeah, this is possible in many situations.
o The number of repeats given is determined by the individual procedure and is subject to the doctor’s consent and protection.

What is the procedure for ordering a repeat drug or medication?

o If you have a Qoctor account, you will be able to use repeats for a variety of conditions (including the abortion pill, erectile dysfunction therapy, premature ejaculation, and hair loss).
o To get access to this, log in and go to ‘My profile,’ then ‘my prescriptions and repeats.’ If your requested repeat is available, you will see an opportunity to order it.
o There will be a minor charge to pay postage, but there will be no extra doctor fee to use this repeat.
o Following payment, the prescription/medication will be delivered via Australia Post.
o Drug costs can fluctuate from time to time due to market conditions that Qoctor has little power over, but we will still remain competitive.
o Please remember that if you have your original medication delivered to you or a nearby pharmacy for a disease not mentioned above, the repeats would almost always be found on the original prescriptions that we sent you/your pharmacy, so double-check your prescription/ask your pharmacist if you’re not positive.

What is the cause of my medication?

o If you purchased prescriptions online from Doctor, it will be delivered by an Australian pharmacy that has partnered with us.
o Our pharmacists must follow stringent protocols to ensure that all drugs are authentic, healthy, and come with clear guidance for how to handle them.

Are the drugs you’re using genuine?

o Of course! Both of our prescriptions are issued by an Australian pharmacist who is fully registered and adheres to all Australian regulatory requirements.
o You would have the choice of choosing between a premium drug and a generic equivalent that is less costly.

What’s the difference between a generic versus a brand-name drug?

o Drugs are available in two forms: generic and branded. o All contain the same medications and are similarly safe. Branded medications, on the other hand, are usually more expensive.

Is it possible to get PBS prescription internet?

Yes, we will now have PBS prescriptions for certain drugs.
o We are actually unable to supply “authority” or “stream-lined authority” prescriptions; but, if the drug falls into either of these types, we will also be able to provide you with private prescriptions.

Why does my medication vary from the one offered to me by my other doctor?

o Prescriptions from Qoctor are official records. They have all of the facts a pharmacist needs to dispense your prescription.
o Your pharmacist can conveniently confirm the prescription’s validity on our website.

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